ArchFX Design, Inc. is a full service architectural design studio offering both traditional and alternative studies in our practice. Our unsurpassed expertise in design can be attributed to the development of proprietary design tools and methods perfecting the use of Feng Shu, the Five Elements theory, and the Yin&Yang principals.  

As a full service studio, we offer packages from concept to permit for residential and commercial projects, with the ability to produce BIM construction documents, presentation and visual marketing for every project including VR.  We have vast experience with city agencies and understand the planning and permitting process extensively with a successful history of completed construction documents through all phases of the building process from conceptual design to permit ready plans.  

In a unique, yet rapidly growing field of services, our studio additionally offers the latest in 3Dimensional computer modeling and cutting edge visualization services for Architecture, Built Environments, and Industry professionals. Our company is composed of a talented team of architects, computer modelers, animators, and effects artists with over 20 years of actual local service experience and over 50 years combined training and experience in Architecture, Design, 3D computer modeling, which includes experience in the film/DV, and Motion Graphics Industry.  Now offering the latest in Virtual Reality (VR) presentation, this combination of architectural training and experience coupled with technical skills has proven to be invaluable to our clients and projects. 

With hands on experience in the Architecture and Construction fields, we attribute our continued success to our company’s principles of enthusiasm, dedication, and service.  Our added visualization services rival products you see every day at the cinema, on television, and in professional quality advertisements.  We hand you the opportunity to Design, Construct, Market and Promote your venture, new development, and/or product with the confidence and quality only years of experience can bring.

Visualize the future with ArchFX

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Scott E. Stankey

Principal, Assoc. AIA


Mr. Scott E. Stankey, is an Associate of The American Institute of Architects, and an accredited designer with over 20 years of experience, specializing in designing both residential and commercial properties, and interiors. He is the principal of ArchFX Design Inc which provides clients with modern architectural designs and illustrious 3D renderings. Mr. Stankey uses special training and tools developed by WMH109 that involve Feng Shui, the knowledge of the Five Elements, and Yin & Yang, to augment and bring balance and harmony to his projects. He currently resides in Ventura, California.